BgA is Back! (BTS)

All right we in LA right now and we got a special delivery wait we-we gotta deliver to ryan?! who are you?!?! *whispering* 'bout to shoot the first scene of the day David's not here he's not in town that's part of this whole story He's not going to be in the video he's, like, always spacing out like, not with the group who it's gonna be? he's already gone yeah, David's gone waddup D! waddup Justin! So

this song is about one of the band members EW *SPARKLE* TIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNG! leaving the band because that's what happens in all bands David what the hell? yo David: My Bad *laugh* David: Yo my alarm didn't go off! David you held up the entire production everyone's waiting We're standing on the side of the street waiting for you Oh watch out watch out there's a car someone step aside *Car noises* David: Oh no you're not Yeah we are dude HURRY HURRY Get here safe Hurry David! No, don't get here safe BEN! *hysterical laughter ensues* We are twins dude This is cotton candy hair P-Dragon: Says who?? R

OP: Everyone, I mean Ryan: I don't know what this is P-Dragon: You know what, I look pretty good in gold

P-Dragon: I'm just gonna put that out there So, we're shooting inside in the *Gibberish* You know I understand there's some courtesy like to People that, you know rant in our building That's one thing but

so I was seeing commercial shoot and the owners of the building don't like, don't like people doing commercial shoot Yeah, we'll be gone in 5 STOP BEING A LITTLE *BEEEEEEEEP* Orayt we just brek for lunch and Ryan just finish his scene I notice that, there's like a little list of what BgA needs but I think they're missing the most important ingredient of all Is it like hairdo? or? you right we're available 😉 David you guys know what you're missing? what? the most important thing dude! Right, Phil? this is what you guys reaaally need yeah Ryan? thats what you need right?? David: This is what we need right here (savage David) #getrekt2017 fatty Aye yo man, just havin' fun daaaamn At least let me flex like- *whistle noise* are you feeling extra pretty today? i feel pretty~~ oh so pretty~~ Yes, I feel gorgeous Look at my hair It does look nice I'm gonna always wear make up now For every video No you're not We're gonna get a makeup person Yeah, it's like hard to go back It's like, "Oh! I can like look pretty here" This is like, Justin chon back in Twilight Days *imitates* "Hey Bella!" Do you remember any of your lines? "Anything you need" blah blah blah HAHAHA/ Do it like the character I'm trying to

I forgot the What was the name of the guy? It was like–Eric Yorkie He was very like *woof* excited Yeah, I'm not as Life has brought me down This is what Twilight did to him after His life has brought me dowwwwn Arden's here *whispers* Hi! How did you like "Romantic Cliches?" It was terrible That girl in it was REALLY bad okay I disagree Thank you thank you thank you *magnificence* *Audience clapping & whooing* *random noise making* PIZZA! On Instagram, I only follow people who posts pictures of pizza (alliteration of the day) I hate when it's always just the same pictures I like a little variety in my life We talked about this Girls that post the pictures of themselves The same, exact picture Maybe a little bit different background like this And then they go: "Oh my god! The world needs a change!" Day 2 'bout to shoot the FIRST scene of the day, day dos Jinnyboy and Rueben in the house What's up man 24-hour flightjust to be here Just to watch BgA in the flesh, because, like K-Pop is very big in Malaysia So um, when's the BgA tour coming? Ooooooo Good job, bros Good job, bros DUDE your shoulder, wow Beautiful shoulder *laughter* Oh that's good dude I like it Just Derrick look at that You made it, dude YEAH You made it/ You're in *sleepy time for Paco* zzzzzzzzzz *whispers* Paco Paco, time to wake up Paco Paco~~~ noooo/ Time to wake up Paco Paco

what the heck faster You tired? very TT I gotta pee Go pee! There's a bathroom right there Run! Look he's running Dude I'm so tired We're almost done We're not We're not, Derrick! Dude, I could fall asleep right now Power nap it Ryan, wake up We gotta shoot BgA 2 Huh? huh? huh? Alright, ladies & gentlemen! Thank you very much for a very very successful shoot! We just finished our music video! Let's give a round of applause to our co-director Jun and Ryan Great job guys! Yay Ryan! Great job, bro Another successful video We'll see BgA right here–founder dancieuncabongle / founder founder in moss (?) / I'm a Korean Moss (?) Lady the makeup Dude, welcome to BgA! Congratulations, bro You worked hard / Family but, I wonder where Paco's at? Who's that again? Hmm *music* *'Paco' travels the world while I-forgot-what-this-song-was-called-but-I'm-pretty-sure-it-had-something-to-do-with-stars plays* HIGA tv! *video ends*

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