BgA – Dong Saya Dae (똥싸야돼) [Official Music Video]

Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh I swear, when they dance I just, cannot Yeah, look at their hair

They still watching Kpop? This whole time! How does he do that!? I don't get it I mean, they don't even speak Korean Do they uh, how can you love something so much that you can't even understand? What's there to get, man? It's a group of really good looking Asian guys that can sing and dance Well, I mean we're a group of good looking Asian Well, I mean we can sing Dancing is uhm (No

) Well, we're all Asian! We're all Asian! Yeah, right! Yes, yes, yes! You can learn to sing and dance You can't learn to be Asian What makes them so different then? Its because they are are all like (Kpop) (weird moan) They got rows of abs like nine

Wait wait wait Why don't we just do that then? Do what? Why don't we just make a group, why don't we make a Kpop band? Yeah No no no

Guys, look You just said it yourself we can't sing or dance Well I mean we can autotune ourselves! (yeah) But that doesn't negate the fact that we can't speak Korean – Wait David's Korean – Yeah, he's Korean – Dude, you're super Korean! – I'm pretty Korean Wait but can you speak it? Kind of Okay, how do you say "Girl you have beautiful eyes"? Oooh! Yo, yo, yo

How do you say "Look at us sexy guys"? David, how do you say, like, "Hey girl you're the shit" Girl is "yeoja" Shit is "dong" (singing in Korean) (singing in Korean) I have to take a s#*t! (singing in Korean) Poop! (x3) (singing in Korean) Poop! (x2) (singing in Korean) I have to take a s#*t! (singing in Korean) Poop! (x3) (singing in Korean) Poop! (x2) (singing in Korean) I have to take a s#*t! (x2) (singing in Korean) Old lady come and play! (singing in Korean) Come and play! (x2) (singing in Korean) Do you want to die! (singing in Korean) Die! (x2) (singing in Korean) I have to take a shi-i-i (singing in Korean) Shi-i-i (singing in Korean) I have to take a Ha ha ha (Slow piano melody) Wait

What? What's wrong? I have to go poop That is disgusting! And so immature! (I bet !) – ♫ Dong Saya ♫ – Teehee! (kpop music) ♫ Dong Saya ♫ (piano melody)

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