Best of Nigahiga! (2015)

And we are in focus So, okay here we go! Hey guys! I don't know why I always start videos like that It's just like the natural thing When you're on YouTube, everybody says, "hey guys!" No they don't say thatI say that I need a new intro

Starting from next year All the vlogs are gonna start with uh YO Haha that's so bad What do other people say? YO WATTUP yo yo yo yo yo yo wattup y'all I dunno why I'm going gangsta "wattup it's your girl superwoman" Hello everybody! That's a little racist Hey guys my name marley Wassup lamps! hehehnope

WHAT IF What if, I started all my videos with the Teehee? Nobody would expect that! And then I end it with "hey guys!" That would be weirdI'll figure something out Anyway

[mashed up intros] So I've never really done one of these videos before But last year we kinda did one for my second channel HigaTV I just wanted to do something to just close the year I mean a lot of you guys know at the end of the year I always try and make, you know at least one really big video And it always like, it ties up all my time And I always wanna make this video but I never get the chance to While i have a chance and I have a spare moment today I'm gonna, uh I decided I'm gonna make this video Before I have no time But, before we get to, like the best of moments I just want to talk to you guys directly and sayuhhh Thank you guys so much I can honestly say 2015 was a great year A lot of you guys already know but like a couple of years ago I was going through a really rough stretch I've been doing this for like 8 years, 9 years now, And I wasyou know eventually it gets to you Coming up with a new thing every single week is not easy I was literally going crazy for a little bit See, I was worried about saying things that would offend people I was worried about doing too many vlogs like this because more people wanted the skits And when I do too many skits more people want the vlogs like I was just stressing myself out way too much worried about what everyone else wanted except for myself but this year from the beginning of the year I just decided that I'm gonna let go of all that I just went back to my roots and created videos I wanted to create I made videos that nobody liked I made videos that were offensive to people I made videos that, you know were 30 minutes long That's probably the stupidest decision you could ever make on YouTube because for one, who's gonna sit through that but even doing all of that stuff you know, even doing every single thing I wanted to do uhm posting controversial videos, a 30 minute video, umm The best thing about this year is that you guys are still here

Even after all that I'm just really, really grateful Andyou have no idea how much I appreciate it

With that being said here is a look back at the entire year and some of the best moments from it [multiple intros] So today I'm gonna beshaving first [yelps] NOO [the drop] Mom, on a serious note I love you so much

You do so much for me Damn, someone just texted me that my instagram got hacked Yeah all your pictures are gone dude

So do you guys wanna go get taco bell or, Yeah LOL Uchi Mata Legos Le-Legos OOOHHH [Group Laughing] [Yelling and Screaming] OOOHHH [yelp] YOU GOTTA DO IT [Shouting] Oh look! A dirty hoe Excuse me? Yeah I don't know what that hoe is doing inside it has all mud all over it It's out of coal Why a mirror

? You are my miracle Is that hair in a jar? We're growing apart I give up dude! I'll tap out SILIENCE TOES [Watch Me Whip – Silento] Just another simple

mind fast trick [Woody] There's a snake in my booty So once again thank you guys so much for such a wonderful year

Uhmsee you guys in 2016 🙂

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