Best Day Ever: NEW CAR!

Hey guys, so about a year ago, I set up this non-profit foundation that it's taken a while It's taken a long time for me to get off the ground partially because I didn't quite know how I wanted to make this into something that I could broadcast on YouTube and not be completely boring and Basically, what you're about to see is not the exact idea because it was the first one It was like my test runs I did a year ago But now I think I have a better idea what I want to do This is, I'm talking a lot and I probably you guys have no idea what I'm talking about All right Let me just that bullet points

So it's a lot easier I started a non-profit foundation and it is kind of a show as well It's called best day ever – – MUSIC – – So basically how best day ever works is that people are gonna be nominated That's a that's actually you guys are gonna nominate somebody that you know, who's done something incredibly charitable or something really good For the world, you know, it can be anything whether it's someone who works at a homeless shelter every week Or maybe it's like a teacher who spends an extra chunk of his or her money to you know? Make their kindergarteners have toys I actually I don't know That's why I need you guys to nominate people And basically what I want to do is basically work with you to try and give this person their best day ever back to this video Like I said, this is my first one So this is not exactly how I wanted to do This first girl's name is Kanoe and nobody nominated her This is because it's the first one so you guys you guys didn't know that this was even a thing Kanoe has done all these great things like joined the Peace Corp and you know There's a lot of stuff You're not gonna see in this video

That's gonna be what this show really is and that's again This is I filmed this over a year ago So I apologize for this first one Basically, we found out that she's finally returning home, and she's actually wants to go to college in Atlanta I believe and we asked her mom like what is she need? How can we give her her best day ever and her mom didn't want to ask for it But she was being completely honest with us what she really needed It was a car So, um, yeah, we contacted a lot of people and we tried to get it done with that being said This is our first best day ever That's not how it's gonna be though Probably easier if you just see what it's like Even though it's not gonna be like this in the future This is our first best day ever Just coming to talk to like a few students and you know just like a short 15 minute presentation Here I know a lot about you believe Eric that first of all, I want to thank Kamehameha school for letting me use up your school time

I'm sure are you students there are dying to get back to class Basically I just wanted to talk about foundation and why I started I've always wanted to do something positive and give back Once I was able to do someone honestly, I couldn't figure out what it was There's so many different great causes to support I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do But basically, uh, I Tried donating, you know money to charities Red Cross whatever and it just didn't feel personal I didn't really feel like I was doing anything I didn't see where the money was going What you know changes were being made, but when I really thought about it I was realistic with myself and I found that you know this foundation I already knew wasn't going to be gigantic It wasn't gonna have the funds to change thousands of lives So rather than attempting to help out a thousand people a little bit I thought it would be a lot more effective to help out and Target individuals were doing good things and not just because they deserve it until expose what that person was doing You know to hopefully like inspire other people, so that's what this foundation is all about Celebrating people were doing good positive things in the world while not expecting anything in return and just with that description alone I think it's pretty obvious that You're like a perfect fit why this is like such a perfect opportunity for our first event so with that being said Can I you probably don't know this but my mom and I have been about you for two years now What you've done what you're doing what you're going to do pretty much stalking you Honestly, we're just really impressed with everything that you're doing Just why we wanted you to be the first ever around eco foundation recipient And like I said mom and I have been spying on you talking about your back well thanks to your mom giving us all the details and she posed that you're gonna be moving to Atlanta or Madison right College Do you have any concerns about moving up there? I Might not be able to help We were worried about Hanna jump and have a consultation to you skateboard at all like so it doesn't meet recover Barnes Do you know how to drive? Yes i know how to drive (laughter) That's good cuz we're getting you a car OhMyGod! (Ryan gets interrupted) That's the one people really needed From the foundation we wanted to get you to where you wanted and the very color So it's in the parking lot so you can see right now I keep up the great work and you've inspiring people and ever really open to chair Bye-bye guys Have a good day Complete I just want to say thank you so much

You're so many things

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