Best Crew in the Philippines!

So I'm in, uh, I'm in Manila right now, and This crowd is crazy! [audience screaming] [music] Hey Alright, what are we doing today Sean-y boy? Sean: "We're gonna come up with some show ideas for the Philippine trip!" So me, Derrick, and Sean are going, The one Filipino guy is not going Sean: "Yeah, how come Greg?" It already took us like, what, six years to get out there? [sean laughing] Of like, people asking So, in six years, you'll see Greg Sean: "Yeah" [laughter] Derrick: "I've never even been there, so I'm excited" Sean: "Me too" Ryan: "I haven't either" Sean: "I'm excited" Today we're gonna we got to come up with a performance Sean: "Dude" That's happening in like, less than two weeks Sean: "Yeah" Maybe like a week Now we have a lot of 'day' or two to come up with a performance Sean: [laughter] And we have no idea what we are gonna do Sean: "It's just us three, huh" Yup We should end with a song, because usually like Sean: "That would be epic" Yeah People are already gonna know we are doing this there has to be nice guys and we'll just keep that to the end We hold out, the whole time and like, "There's nice guys, put it up!" and we just don't do it [laughter] Let's just troll em' And don't play Nice Guys Sean: "Or like start off like the beat, and you just" Yeah "Nice" TEEHEE Thank you! [laughter] Well bye [laughter] Alright, lets do this! [swoop noise] [music] "Ohhhh" "Damn" [laughter] [sigh] [laughter] We got the end section, kinda Sean: "Kinda" Well, we don't have it quite yet Sean: [laughter] That's day one Now we just have to, uh do it We know what we are gonna do, now we have to do it Sean: "Yup" Sean: "We can" [high pitched] Ooh, that's a lot of stuff to learn Sean! Sean: "I know, that's ok, we got em'" [high pitched] See you guys on day two! Sean: "What are you, Fouseytube?" video: Teehee! Oh, video's done, you hear that? Derrick: "Oh, video's done!" That means the video is done

You heard that sound, it means goodbye! See you guys! Derrick: "See ya" I kind of hit my finger on the table, pretended like it didn't hurt, but it hurt Derrick: "Oh nooo!" What are thooo Welcome to day two! [laughter] Making up a performance we're not prepared for! It's in ten days guys! This is like probably our last day to figure out this performance [music imitation] Derrick: "There it is, Teehee" Done We have a lot of time to fill, dude We have

Dude, we have to fill a minute of dancing Derrick: "Should we just hire Dtrix?" "Go!" Whatever happened to that song? Why don't we use that anymore Sean: "Go!" [imitation of music] You know which one? Derrick: "Yeah? I know which one you are saying" [imitation of music] Hey, put that in Why don't we use that anymore? [music] [music] Sean: "Heyyy, not bad!" OH [slowmo] [laughter] Oh, OHHH! Derrick: "What happened what happened?" This happened Derrick: "Is that like, super obvious?" It's pretty obvious I don't know if we should do this again We got one more shot Derrick: "Ok" We only got one tear away [laughter] Derrick: "Alright" Sean: "If I had a sewing kit I could fix that" Close call boys Let's do it again without the tear away Derrick: "Ok" Derrick: "Twenty minutes away' [phone ringing] I think we should be downstairs Sean: "It's four-thirty" Oh, nevermind Sean: "A lot, huh" Just in case I went to sleep Alright what? Uhhh, I think we're good

It's gonna be a legend, wait for it [high pitched voice] Uh, It was kinda like we're the closer we get to game time We practiced a little more, and a little more Rehearsal felt good I've never performed with Sean on this one, Uh, the last time I did this show was with Will and Greg, but, yeah! I mean it's pretty much game time, so I'm ready! [un-distinguishable high pitched voice] Does that answer your question? I'm scared

Alright boys, [dramatic music] We created the uh, come a little bit forward We created the coreo uh, face, face me Infact, you need get some kind of weapon Sean: "Hard day at work?" Yeah

That's not even a how what are you even gonna do with that? We created the coreo [dramatic music] We practiced for hours! We did ALL the stunts! And it all comes down to this 10 hours, nope, 15 hours of flighting

flying, is what I meant to say 15 to 16 hours of flighting fying flying, and now we are here We are here, we are like steer, and we are queen [laughter] That being said, We are not only going to put on a performance tonight, We are not only going to change lives, Derrick: "Yeaaaah!" Sean: "Oh, dude" What is that? Where'd you find that? Sean: "Where'd you grab that?" It's an umbrella Sean: "Oh" Let's bring it in, guys

Alright, we put in all the work put in all the hours put in all the blood, sweat, and tears think about all of the pain you went through Oh, we don't have a team name [laughter] One on three! One, two, three! "ONE!" Wait, what? 'One' on three! Oh, I thought you said three One on three Alright Aww, let's just go Alright, see ya' later [music] [crowd chants] RYAN! RYAN! RYAN! [crowd screaming] [robotic sound effects] [fart noise] [ripping noise] "BEST CREW!" [music] [crowd screaming] [music] ♪Nice guys finish last thats♪ ♪Why I treat you like trash it's♪ ♪Not what I really wanna do♪ ♪But♪ ♪You only date bad guys so♪ ♪I give it my best try to♪ ♪Treat you the way you want me to♪ "TEEHEE" Higa TEEVEE WE WILL PROBABLY MESS UP [music] [credit song] Sean: "Alright, we're off to" Derrick: "A great start!" Sean: "A great start because" Sean: "We may not even make this first flight to LAX" Sean: "Thanks to me, cuz' I was late, and I almost forgot the camera too" Sean: "And yeah, there's a lot going down right now" Derrick: "Nervous yo" "You nervous? Derrick: "Start off in the Philippines so good" Sean: "I hope so" Ryan: "Or not" Sean: "Yeah, we'll see how this goes, but, we'll let you know"

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