Baby Ryan (BTS)

So you're supposed to count bubbles per second- like co2 bubbles per second and per pH level and stuff And they don't- they weren't even checking the pH and I had to like check the pH just Hit me

Then, I'm for sure like – – like turn it up and we need like doubled it Before it was like nothing like once everything the yellow the old flat either burn Congrats dude, you're about to have fish babies And they'll all get eaten? They're gonne have a party There's for sure going to be at least- I would say Lord, 10,000 babies in here already (Damn about to have abut a fish baby shower) And none of them survived

Are you rolling? Yeah, did you not hear the beep? No I'm on a diet (That's why you're drinking those?) Yeah I would say we're about to shoot the first scene of the day, but we're not waiting for my fish to be cleaned You know as they say, can't start the day without – – clean fish They don't say that at all I've never heard that in my life

Well, they say it Can't start the day unless your fish tank clean I don't use scripts on Off The Pill It's just an- outmind Just write a vlog, and there's always a dog About to shoot the first scene of the day, starting a vlog and my tank is not clean

Done (Done already?) No Fish guys here I got a haircut – Actually being off like a pregnancy pill, *burp* – But if that's how my mind works, you know, but hey if that's how my mind works you know, what can you do Look in Geodude Kawaii – Desu! Kawaii – Desu! Kawaii – Desu!! So they raise these babies – or, theybies and without telling the baby – or theyby – God, this is so annoying

Boogers What what you say Like Wah Wah Wah! That kinda- That kinda hurt a little bit I mean, it looks pretty good

Oh – Oh S*** (Fork in eye) Ew, that's gross-looking It's kinda scary (Ew!) Did somebody have an accident? Cut Wah Wah Hey! Hey, good to see you again! I see you brought little Timmy here with you

Hey, good to see you again (You too!) I – The ball was green because when I kicked the ball, it was green (You're starting to sound like Hanate) A little bit (And the ball was green) I went higher than everybody Who is this guy- It does sound kind of asian you know,, EveRyBodY A-and then I The pole was green with the grass – and the green ball was green And, it was green – And it was green, and it was green so the ball, and the ball – and – and then the ball was green – It tickles- (Laughter) Sorry I don't even know what's going on anymore

(Me either) Do we get everything else? I can't think anymore That's a wrap! That, is, a, wrap You heard it Off The Pills and Teehee time, coming at you hot

Woo! (What's the flavor?) I don't know, I'm trying to taste this – – This tastes just like (Taste like cherry?) Sugar Okay, just like Unflavored? Did you guys know back in the 1400s? This is how lipstick was invented Really? Nah, I'm just kidding- I don't know What? You threw it away? (I don't like it!) Do you know how many kids wanted that? We could've drove around in the van and gave some candy to some kid

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