Aquaman The Movie (Official Fake Trailer)

I need your help You're the only one that can help me Please

You know I don't do that kind of work anymore I've already lost my wife They got the rest of my family He's all I have left Why don't you get a real superhero? The one that actually appreciate it ??? Please, I don't need other heroes I need you Aquaman The Avengers shattered box office record I already like Thor The Amazing Spiderman looks so good – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman? – How about Aquaman? Who? I was always the forgotten one They look at me like I'm some kind of joke No one respects me, cares about me, appreciates me Well this time It's my turn to make a splash You have a mate, don't ya? People come here just to watch you swim They love you for it Must be nice, hah? You can understand me Guys, there's something I need to tell you I think I might be a superhero *dolphin squeak* What are you doing? Just speak English lol *laughter* You know what I mean? I can only talk to sea animal So basically

Eddie Murphy, Dr Do little *laughter* I'm gonna ask you one last time Where is he? I'm already told you I don't kno

– WHERE IS HE? – I don't know! So you figure out where is he yet? No, no, don't, please It's a nice pole you got here No, not my baby Shame if it's broke Ok I'll talk Nooo

You're killing them WHYYYYY? Ok I'll talk Where? – P – You're the only one can help me – Sherman – He's all I got left 42 Wallaby way I don't need other hero

I need you Aquaman Nemo

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