Anime in Real Life!

I have to do this All the people that are waiting on me

This has gone on long enough This ends now! Dude, stop pushing so hard That's why you keep getting hemorrhoids It's time to DU- DU- DU- DU- DU- DU- DU- DU- Duel! Now remember Yugi, when you start to stutter go ahead and calm down and take it slow It's time to d- du- duel Very good News anchor: And now to Pallet Town

where a local man was found guilty of animal cruelty Reporters: Ash! Ash! Ash! Ash! Reporter 1: Is it true that you abused animals? Ash: No comment Reporter 1: What do you have to say to people who capture wild animals and keep them in confined balls? Reporter 2: What about the accusation you are part of a pet underground battling society? Reporter 3: Do you regret picking a Pikachu? Ash: No comment

Reporter 3: Ash, what about the threesome with you Brock and Misty? Hey It was always just Brock Reporters: ASH! Ash! Ash! Naruto! Sasuke! Naruto! Sasuke! Naruto! Sausage! What? Oh oops

Did you just call me sausage? That's not even a good joke No no no no Sorry The script must have auto corrected Sasuke to sausage You know I was just going to hurt you, Naruto But now I'm going to kill you! Prepare yourself, Naruto Are you gonna do it, or? Just shut up, okay? Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to remember all of this? I mean, do you really have to do all that sign language? I mean, we already have subtitles I said, shut up! Okay

Sorry Seriously, how much longer are you gonna – I'm almost done! Can you just let me finish? Fine! Just hurry up Okay Now where was I? Say goodbye, Naruto SASUKE!!!! SAUSAGE!!!! I mean, it's cool that they put us in this magazine and all, but

I don't really appreciate how they photoshopped us Hey, Sailor Moon I mean, I know you're the leader and all, but

I was wondering, maybe we could switch planets for this year? Yeah, we should do that Yeah, I wouldn't mind that No, Sailor Jupiter

We've been through this The planets represent who we are! But, I want to be Sailor Moon! You're too big to be a moon! You're the biggest one! That's why you're Jupiter! Ugh, you bitch! I'm self-conscious And, Sailor Saturn, you're the only one that can hula hoop here I said I know HULA I never said hula HOOP! And I can hula hoop a little bit

I can switch with Saturn No, because you have to be Mars You're the manliest one, and men are from Mars Well, if men are from Mars, then women have to be from Venus and Sailor Venus don't look very womanly -Actually, that saying is wrong -What? Women aren't from Venus Hermaphrodites are

Hermaphrodites? You mean people with both parts? Yeah, a penis and a vagina I don't even want to switch planets! I'm proud to have a vagina-penis! I'm proud to have a Venus! Well, why can't I be Sailor Moon? I moon just as many people as you do Yeah, but I keep my shorts on, Sailor Uranus Are you slut shaming me? (Arguing) Guys, can I not be Pluto anymore? (Arguing) Guys? (Arguing) Oh yeah I'm not part of the group anymore

Hey guys, smell your armbands It's so (burps) (Arguing) Slut! (Chuckling) Girls, right? -(girl voice) Uh, what is that supposed to mean?- (man voice) No, no, no, no, I just meant that girls fight a lot

-And guys don't!?- Yeah, I mean – but we just use our fists! -So do we!- If you're looking for strength, if you're looking for a strong blade, if you're lookingto become stronger than you've ever been before Then come on down to Bleach's Cuts and Hairstyles for Anime Heroes! Where we cut and hairstyle – ALL anime heroes! Men hairstyles to women hairstyles short, long, horny We do it all here at Bleach's Cuts and Hairstyles for Anime Heroes! You want that Super Saiyan look without all that Super Saiyan training? Well, I'm sayin', here at Bleach's Cuts and Hairstyles for Anime Heroes

Of course we're gonna specialize in bleach and hair! We bleached some of the most famous heroes in anime! Heroes you probably thought were AALL natural Goku to Naruto to Lucy from Fairy Tail! We even bleached Sailor Uranus! I mean, Pikachu used to be brown, but we got to him! 'Cause like the saying goes Oh

No! Noooooooo~! No what? You – your shoelaces are untied You almost fell and uh hit these bricks down Hey, thanks man That's really nice of you Yeah

Yeah! Yeaaaaaaaah~! Are you supposed to be One Punch Man? Yeah I can pretty much defeat any anime hero with one punch Every anime hero? Yeah Oh! Not too sure what I can do with that I guess I could paint an arrow on your head, you could look like Aang

Delivery? Oh! Thank God Just, uh, sign here I don't remember ordering anything but Wait, I don't think I ordered this

You're from Bleach, right? Yeah Yeah, that was for you I don't even know what these are What are these? Like colored rocks? Yes, it says here that they are rocks, but it's a French brand So it's not "color", it's "colour"

rocks What? It's Clorox Bleach Wha – what are you – What are you doing here? Just

dragging balls See? (Dragon Ball Z) Hey man! What's with all the commotion? My shoes keep coming untied, no matter how hard I tighten them Oh, I've got the perfect thing for you What is that? It's a tack How is that gonna help me tighten my shoes? Just stick it into your shoelace and it gets tighter

It's a tack to tighten (Attack on Titan) Oh cool! This Fairy Tail shirt's only $999! I guess you could say it's some pretty "fair retail" You suck! Okay! Enough with the bad puns already! Okay, I get it One Pun-ch Man

Okay, you make puns Very funny, I get it Actually, I'm not One Punch Man anymore What? The square root of 4? What? I don't get it I'm "four-root" punch

Seriously? Fruit Punch? That's the best you can do? Sí Okay now, you really did go too far You can't make that joke You're Asian I know

That's why now I'mpunchink Okay, really did just cross the line on that one Actually, I'm uh still on it Look Enough is enough already A- Aren't you supposed to be One Punch

just one pun? How many puns did you made already? I don't know Anywhere from one to a ton Wh- what? Aha! See? I tricked you! You crossed the "too-many-puns-for-one-video" line

And now you can't make anymore! So now, I can finally go ahead in this video without a dumb pun Well, you didn't say that was a rule Yeah it is! You crossed the line, so you make anymore puns

If you say so Yes! I do But just so I'm clear, this line represents the last pun of the video, right? Yeah So, technically then, this line is kind of the line I'm saying right now What? Because it's the last punch line

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