A World Without Police!?

Hey guys So today I'm gonna be Shaving first And then I will start this again

Hey guys so once again This is gonna' be one of those topicswhere I always thought about it but i never said it out loud or specially on a video because its very controversial Its a very touchy sensitive topic But it is getting ridiculous and I just had to make a video about it So I apologize in advance to all you butthurt people Butthole people

Bu- butthurt people So I'm pretty sure pretty sure a lot of you guys have seen it just as much as I have, but these days, my entire Facebook feed, my my entire Twitter everything, everything online has been filled with things about police brutality And not always but most of the time the victim happens to be black

And at first when I watched these videos I was like "Oh my gosh, this is- this is terrible" And I was glad that all these videos were going viral so that we could expose these corrupt and racist policemen But I feel like these days people are using the whole police brutality trend for their own selfish reasons Whether its to get a viral video out of it or to get an arrest or even to just further the world's hate for police And Im not talking about the videos where the police are actually at fault, I'm talking about the ones where I'm actually siding with the officers

There's people who try to make themlook bad You know, they egg them on, they disespect them, they borderline harrass them, until the police officer gets so mad that he makes a mistake, and they get it all on camera It looks a little something like this -Can I help you? -Nope -Then why are you filming me? -Why not? Your'e in a public area it's my legal right as anamerican citizen

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  1. Where did the video go? I feel like it is relevant today and i wanted to rewatch it but I can’t find it. Where is it?

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