5 YOUTUBERS WITH STRANGE ADDICTIONS! (Nigahiga, Faze Rain, Joe Weller, Liza Koshy)

whats up everyone and welcome back to trend central! be sure to subscribe, drop a like on the video and don't forget to comment done and ill try my very best to reply to all the new subscribers in the comment section below! also make sure to check out and download the blu on iOS or app bounty on all android devices! to claim your free iTunes and google play or any gift card or voucher use the link in the description down below for some points towards your first voucher or gift card! Today we are counting down the top 5 strangest youtuber addictions! Number 5 Faze Rain Faze rain has a very strange addiction to vaping, for those of you that aren't familiar with vaping It's something commonly used by those trying to quit smoking cigarettes although some vapes can contain nicotine depending on what you put inside it to smoke Rain found himself vaping a lot for his video series called "vape lord nord"

Rain did explain even after recording he would often find himself just randomly vaping although since he's moved he said he hasn’t touched a vape for 5 months! Number 4 Liza Koshy Liza made a full skit type video explaining to her viewers what her addiction is This one may sound petty but could be quite serious depending on the scale of it, It seems Liza is addicted to eating this could affect her health if it is truly bad we just don’t know I just hope if she wants to drop the habit she's working toNumber 3 Joe Weller Joe weller made a video a while back where he explains how he's got an addiction to watching porn This one may seem funny and non serious to those watching but Joe sees another side on how him watching porn was effecting real life relationships and his sex life I hope Joe's managed to sort his addiction and drop the bad habit

Number 2 Seven Super Girls Seven super girls is another very large youtuber with over 5 million subscribers and she has a very odd and unique addiction to eating bars of soap She explains how she loves the creamy texture, smell and taste of soap I'm not too sure on the effects of eating soap daily but I'm sure it's not the bestNumber 1 Niga HigaNiga Higa is one of the most well known youtubers in this video with over 19 million subscribers! Niga higa made a video back in 2014 explaining how he was addicted to caffeine, It may sound petty and silly but depending on the scale it can be very bad for your health, sleeping pattern, and mental state Also energy drinks can be very bad for your heart and other health risks can be involved when regularly drinking themIf you did enjoy this video or watch any of the youtubers mentioned be sure to drop a like! And subscribe to us while your at it! Thanks for watching and peace!

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