10 How To’s That Will Blow Your Mind!

How to light a lightbulb with only a potato How to read minds

So, you want to learn how to read minds, huh? All you have to do is pick up my new book, How to Read Minds by Ryan Higa That's me This is not as interesting as I thought it would be How to ask a girl out and never get rejected So we've been friends for a long time now and I was wondering

would you go out with me? Mmm No Because we've been friends for a really long time

Uh-huh And I thought you were dating somebody else and I

thought you liked guys Oh my god! What are you doing? We need to get out of here So you do want to go out? How to type faster

Of course Of course How to revive a dead mouse Aw, there we go How to make hit song that would be popular today

I have No, got! I got I got that What do I got? I got

(sighs) So frustrating! Power! I got that power Huh What comes next? Meh

I got that power How to piss off a guy Kick his balls My ball! Hit his nuts! My nuts! Go for the testicles (giggles) Stop! Okay?! I have to finish this test

Stop "testicling" me I hate testicles How to piss off a girl! (class bell rings) Is everything alright? You look period Excuse me?! Yeah, I said you look pretty weird today Is something wrong? Oh

It's just that– Oh, I know what it is Is it because you're on your rag right now and it's getting dirty? What?! Yeah, you probably shouldn't leave it on the ground if you want it to stay clean SoI'll just put it in there for you Ah! Got it! It's your next period, huh? Yeah, you have Math with Mr Anderson next period, right? Oh Yeah I know exactly what you're going through

I know your pain I mean, just sitting in class thinking, "Ugh Such a heavy <i>flow</i> of math equations" "You know, P equals MS and just totally <i>cramps</i> our style, you know" And that fake French accent every time you come to class late and he's like, "Oh, why 'ovulate'?" And don't even get me started with his straightened hair It's like, it's so weird

Men straightening hair? Men straight Men straight? Hair? It just doesn't go together And why is it always so hot in there, you know? He's like, "Do you want the temp off, or the temp on?" And all the kids are like, "Temp on Temp on, Mr Anderson

Temp on Temp on" Temp on Stop! Could you please just stop?! Wow Someone is definitely on their period

I will see you in three to five days Depending on flow How to be a really good voice narrator Why do you keep reading it like that? Just read it normal What are you talking about? That's what I'm doing

No, you're saying it all weird Just say, "How to be a really good voice narrator" (normally) How to be a really good voice narrator Yes Now record it

Okay! (with lisp) How to be a really good voice narrator Better How to blow someone's mind And last, but not least, in order to blow someone's mind, all you have do to recite the infamous poem: If roses are red and violets are blue Then by the commutative property, the color blue is actually violet And what two colors make violet? Red and blue Which means you need red to make violet

And since violet is actually blue, that means you need red to make blue But what makes red? The past tense of read Because the word you read more than any other word so far in this equation? Blue You read blue, creating violet And because violets are actually blue, it proves that not only did I just blow your mind, but everything you just "red" (past tense) actually just "blue" your mind

Tee-hee! How to find out how much of your life you wasted today Still going [echos] Still going, still going Now what? I don't know

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